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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 9, 2016 12:00am-1:02am EDT

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windows at the national cathedral. representations of the confederate flag will be removed. plain glass will replace them. the changes come nearly a year after south carolina's governor confederate flag be removed from statehouse grounds, triggered after a deadly shooting at a black church in south carolina by a white suspect known for embracing the image. once the flag is removed, it will be used as a centerpiece for a national conversation about racism in the church. 7 on your side with a health alert tonight. the zika virus and the epic games in rio -- one athlete says he is freezing his sperm before going to the summer games. the british and long jump champion greg roth a bird -- greg rutherford and his girlfriend say they are concerned the virus could prevent them from having more children. some doctors have suggested postponing or moving the olympics because of the mosquito-borne virus
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severe birth defects. of adultig recall multivitamins because they may be contaminated with salmonella or staph bacteria. major made recalling four different types of vitamin c, adult gummies, vitamins with omega-3, vitamins for her, and complex with full of acid. we have more information including lot numbers at if you have any of them at your house, return them to a store for a full refund. a suspected killer taken into custody and prince george's county, but not your average takedown. reports, he is off the streets thanks to an alert and quick-acting police officer. young, years of working as a police officer with prince george's county police before becoming a school resource officer paid off tuesday when he caught 20-year-old show toy, a suspect in a recent murder. >>
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was a homicide suspect in the area. jay: he was on patrol tuesday when he said he saw the suspect hop onto a metro bus. enter theover and bus. that is when the suspect tried to distract him. when he hopped on the bus, he noticed the suspect was holding a drink like this in his hand. he said the suspect through the drink at him. the distraction did not foil the veteran officer. >> the suspect fled off the bus. i chased him a short time and arrested him immediately. jay: the police also found a gun that toy tossed while fleeing. the officer is just thankful that he caught a suspected killer. look for isthing i that it brings comfort to the family. jay: jay korff, abc 7 news. let's talk about the overnight temperatures because it will cool to -- it will be cool
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we are talking 40's for the western suburbs. degrees.s, near 50 inside the beltway, temperatures lowhe 50's downtown, 55, 50's potomac, clinton, and upper marlboro. southern maryland, maybe a touch milder by the bay. airt of a nip in the tonight, especially as the cooler air moved in this afternoon. waking up tomorrow, yes, there is a chill in the air. heading to the bus stop or work, you may want a light jacket. through the afternoon, i anticipate the temperatures will be more mild in the afternoon, warming nicely by the afternoon. i think we will have a high of about 78. still a bit of a breeze, but not as intense. breaking the day down, 50's in the morning, midday low 70's. by the afternoon, upper 70's.
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as yesterday. similar,think will be the temperatures pushing near 80 degrees. upper 70's, near 80 the next couple days. luray, 82 culpeper and fredericksburg, 79 at andrews, 78 annapolis. friday will be similar. lots of activities, including jazz fest downtown, and one of my favorites and fairfax comes celebrate fairfax with the carnival and fair. 80 friday. saturday, storms are possible. could be our first 90 degree day of the year. breezy, andl mild, another push of cool air next week. it little cooler at the beaches for the weekend, mid-70's friday and saturday, upper 70's sunday. the seven day forecast shows up and down. 82
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year for stop we are below that thursday. and some of the storms saturday afternoon and evening, early sunday morning, they could be strong or severe. warm on sunday, but monday and tuesday, a little reprieve. honestly, if you had your ac on the last couple days, you can probably let the fresh air in. alison: and breathe in all the pollen? i don't know. leon: i know who is outside enjoying the weather, cavs fans. cavs make it interesting. the warriors try to explain their game three collapse, next.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: game three of the finals tonight. i have been hearing all day this would be a sweet. that said, not happening, that is official after tonight. big thanks to kyra year of thing, the man -- kyrie irving coming was the man of the first half. he finished with 30 for the game. third quarter, lebron james gets it going. pulls up for three. the king had 32 tonight. later in the second half, lebron with the steal. he had to pump up his sneakers for this dunk. cavs win by 30. the warrior still lead the series 2-1. it wasas not line ups, not substitution pattern
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we were soft tonight. when you are soft, you get the on the glass and turn it over. soft in game four. we want to win. friday,game for is tip-off at 9 p.m. baseball, nationals in chicago tonight. ryan zimmerman since this james shields offering out, two-run homer. second inning, danny espinosa's turn, out in a hurry, solo shot. all caps max scherzer of support as he picks up his seventh win of the season. o's in action today, hosting kansas city. bases-loaded, ryan flaherty does that, a line shot to right. short hops the wall, that scores a pair. orio,
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city, 4-0. and the mystics won tonight, beating dallas. go again, we both said they would win at least one. robert: at least one. leon: now that that is in their pocket, what happens next? cleveland,back to just go out at the same way you did tonight. play your game. jared smith has to step up. it is a battle of the benches. leon: we don't want it. there benches good. alison: at least it is interesting now. believe, cleveland, it's on. pool time. where a certain four-legged thing tries to take a dip.
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leon: even the animals need to cool off during the california summer. this bear was caught taking a dip in a los angeles neighborhood. with being guny
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guns just in case, but do not need to use that. alison: very funny. leon: just hope that he did not pee in the pool.
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alison: it is cool out there. brian: it is refreshing. leon: as refreshing as a dip in a pool with a bear? brian: breezy tomorrow. 50's in the morning. by the afternoon, we warm up near 80, same on friday. over the weekend, we could make a run at the 90's. chance of
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sunday still pretty hot. next week, low 80's. then hot. coat, leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, it's a "ghostbusters" reunion. with bill murray. dan aykroyd. ernie hudson. annie potts. melissa mccarthy. kristen wiig. kate mckinnon. and leslie jones. plus, generation gap with walt frazier and anthony davis. and now, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, everybody. thank you everybody for coming. it's very kind. welcome. welcome back to those of you who joined us earlier tonight in prime time. we had our game night special here on abc. game three of the nba finals between the warriors and cavs. games one of two in okakland. games three and four in cleveland. if you work hard and sacrifice, you can can have the same travel schedule as the regional sales rep for an insurance company. the cavaliers were looking for a life preserver. the first games didn't go well. at halftime of game two, one of
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lebron james's tattoos went out to get a tattoo. it was a big night for them. it's bager night for us. we had the cast of the new "ghost busters" movie, and tonight the cast of the original "ghost busters" movie. not only that, we have our own marshmallow man/parking lot security guy. [ applause ] >> jimmy: the guy who made the original costume made this. you look great. how do you feel? >> guillermo: fantastic, jimmy. >> jimmy: you look a little bit like a kabuki girl. later we'll show a never seen clip from the "ghost busters" movie. if that isn't enough, sitting in with the cletones tonight, ray parker junior is here who
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the "ghost busters" theme song. in real life you don't fear ghosts, are you? >> no. i'm scared of the dark. i really am. but i was thinking. >> jimmy: what were you thinking? >> i want to be in the "ghost busters" movie as an actor. i don't want to be a ghost buster. picture this, me and melissa mccarthy in bed. she sees a ghost and looks at me and i say ♪ busting makes me feel good >> jimmy: the only potential problem is they've shot the film. >> there will be another one. >> jimmy: they shoot one, i'm sure they'll put you in bed there. you know who could use "ghost busters" right now? clint hillary clinton. she's still being haunted by a
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: she won four states and clenched the democratic party nomination. she's the first female nominee for a major party. she has a chance to become the second most powerful woman in the world just behind beyonce. even though hillary has more votes and delegates and superdelegates and states, bernie sanders still isn't giving up. he says he will continue to fight. he's like one of those old japanese guys on an island who thinks the war is still going on. he says he's taking it to the democratic convention, and take it to the campaign in november, maybe even december if he has to. i don't blame him. he's a 74-year-old man. six months ago nobody cares. now he gets worshipped like a prophet. do you think he's going back to vermont? no, he's staying in this race until he drops dead.
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>> jimmy: he might be ready for next time. at this point it's kind of like kobe bryant saying he's staying in the nba finals. everything about bernie sanders is defiant. even his hair refuses to stay where it belongs. how many of you voted in the california primary yesterday in [ applause ] >> jimmy: i believe about a third of you. how many of you voted only so you could take the selfie with the i voted sticker? [ applause ] >> jimmy: guillermo voted and posted a photo. who did you get to take that photo for you? >> my wife. >> jimmy: your wife? it's very american. i also went to the polls yesterday. i'm a little bit upset. i hope you know i'm running for vice president of the united states, and yesterday -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, yesterday i went to exercise my right to vote. yesterday before work my wife barbara ann
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my son and we went to our local polling place for what i hoped would be an historic event. ♪ >> jimmy: here we are. hello. we're just going to go right to the head of the line. i'm an actual candidate. yeah. excuse me. i'm a candidate. hi there. >> name? >> jimmy: kimmel, jimmy kimmel. >> there you go. sign right there. >> jimmy: hi. how are you? >> there you go. >> jimmy: thank you. >> happy voting. >> jimmy: thank you. vote now. daddy's going to vote. >> excuse me. can i see
12:27 am
huh. thank you. >> jimmy: excuse me. >> yes. >> jimmy: i don't see my name here on this ballot. jimmy kimmel. >> are you running for office? >> jimmy: i'm running for vice president. >> oh, they don't put vice presidential candidates on the primary ballot. >> jimmy: how are they supposed to vote for me? >> this time you can't. we're just voting for president and these other offices today. >> jimmy: is my name isn't on here? >> no. >> jimmy: is there a write in spot? >> not for vice president. >> jimmy: what are we supposed to do? >> you just vote for the president of your choice -- >> jimmy: i don't want to vote for the president of my choice. i want to vote for vice president. >> we don't vote for vice president in the primaries. >> jim
12:28 am
he's saying -- can she vote for me? >> no. there's no voting for vice president in the primary. >> jimmy: he's saying there's no voting for vice president. >> that's ridiculous. >> jimmy: you have all the other offices there. go ahead and vote for everybody else. >> jimmy: i don't want to vote for anybody else. i want to vote for me. >> i want to vote for him too. >> jimmy: thank you. >> i'm sorry, mr. kimmel. >> jimmy: it's not your fault. have a nice day. >> do you want an i voted sticker? >> jimmy: no. i don't want an i voted sticker. i didn't vote. why would i want an i voted sticker? come on. let's go. this is [ bleep ]. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm going to tell you something. the system is rigged against me. by the superdelegates and the fat cats and the 1% and the kardashians. they're all in
12:29 am
vice president. they want me to go away and curl up in a ball and roll down a hill into a field to be kicked by men who don't speak english playing soccer. when november comes, we'll see who's laughing when i'm doing loops over the white house in air force two. i'm not giving up. good himself has chosen me to -- well, not to lead you but to be the guy who leads you -- if god does something terrible to the person who leads you. with your support, i'll put the i can back in american, and even if i have to destroy this country to do it. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hard doing this. by the way, snoop dogg was in san diego today. he's on my list to be secretary of agriculture. the padres asked him to throw out the first pitch at the game, and it went just
12:30 am
how you might expect it to go. >> snoop dogg throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, and this is our cricket wireless -- >> game operator in game's way. >> jimmy: very high and outside. [ applause ] >> jimmy: if you've ever wondered, it's official, marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug. every now and then we pit an elder statesman against a young buck to test off in pop culture iq, because it's a night of basketball, it's time to play generation gap nba edition, and let's meet our contestants. our first competitor is a two-time nba champion, 7 time all star from the new york knicks. walt frazier. one of the all time greats.
12:31 am
walt's challenger tonight, a three time nba all star from the new orleans pelicans. please welcome anthony davis. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. gentleman, have you ever met before? >> just now. >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right. this is exciting. walt, where do you get a jacket like that? i have to start by asking. >> out of my own creation. >> jimmy: unbelievable. well, what we're going to do is give you questions from each of your era's more or less, and we'll see how much each of you know about the other person's time, if you know what i'm saying. now, are you competitive in general? >> i am. >> very competitive. >> jimmy: walt? >> i'm going to follow him. >> jimmy: all right. very good. i'm going to start off with one question and we'll take a break and
12:32 am
first question is for walt f. walt, name the drink that is the title of beyonce's new album. >> to the left. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that is incorrect. now you see how the game works. when we come back, we'll play generation with anthony and walt. we'll be right back. right now at kohl's find a great gift for dad! and kohl's cash for you. give him a drone and earn 10 dollars kohl's cash. pick up the fitbit blaze and earn 30 dollars kohl's cash. a 40 inch tv
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>> jimmy: welcome back. music from post malone on the way. that is ray parker junior with the band.
12:37 am
right now we're in the middle of a hotly contested battle. the sport jacket is unbelievable, walt. i feel like you've won already. we're going to play the game anyway. the first question is a visual question. what is this president's last name? that president, what is his last name? >> i have no idea. >> jimmy: a few seconds. anthony, do you have a guess? >> i'm going to go with -- >> jimmy: oh my goodness. what is this president's last name, walt? >> he's from my home state of georgia, jimmy carter. >> jimmy: that's right. you get a sense of how the game is played. the next question is for walt. walt, what what is this rapper's last name? we're looking for his real, given name.
12:38 am
>> z. >> jimmy: well, you're on the right track. anthony, do you know his last name? >> carter. >> jimmy: carter is right. we have a tie game. anthony, you graduated college? >> no. one year. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: next question, we begin with walt. walt, complete this popular phrase. netflix and blank. netflix and blank. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. we go to anthony. anthony, do you want to steal it? >> yes, i do. netflix and chill. >> jimmy: that is right. netflix and chill. explain to walt what an ex
12:39 am
chill is. >> i can't. >> it has something to do with computers? >> yes. you can get on netflix on the computer. >> jimmy: the next question is for anthony. complete this phrase. up your nose with a rubber blank. >> rubber duck. >> jimmy: that is incorrect. walt, up your nose with a rubber -- >> hose. >> jimmy: hose is right. that is exactly right. what an exciting game. it's tied, and -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: anthony, this is a visual question. who is this expert in the marshal arts? >> produbruce lee. >> jimmy: that is bruce lee. walt, who is this expert in the martial arts?
12:40 am
>> hermann the turtle. >> jimmy: anthony, do you want to guess the steal? >> i think that's michelangelo. >> jimmy: that is michelangelo. anthony takes the lead with 40 points. walt, you get the next question. what is the name of the music festival held every year in california. big music festival not too far from here. many bands gather in the desert to perform at this event. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: walt does not know. anthony. >> coachella? >> jimmy: coachella. anthony, this question is for you. what is the name of the music festival held in white lake, new york in 1969? very famous music festival. >> i have no
12:41 am
festival in new york in i was . wood stock. [ applause ] >> jimmy: walt just got 30 points. next question is for you, anthony. who was responsible for the new deal? >> the new deal of what? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: walt. >> roosevelt. >> jimmy: roosevelt is correct. walt, you can tie the game -- >> he's think about his new deal. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: nice one, walt. walt, what is this? >> i'd say ghost. >> jimmy: that is a ghost. [ applause ] >> jimmy: can you be more specific? >> ghost buster. [
12:42 am
>> jimmy: anthony, what is that logo? >> that is snap chat. >> jimmy: that is correct. congratulations. you are the winner. we have prizes for both of you. walt, for you we have the new nba 2 k 16 game with anthony davis on the cover, and anthony for you, we have all the action of atari basketball from 1982. thanks to both of you. enjoy your prizes. thank you for playing generation gap. tonight on the show chris malone and we'll be right back with original "ghostbusters" cast. >> dicky: poions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by "still the king," a new comedy starring billy ray cyrus, premiering this weekend. only on cmt. a new development:
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love.
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. [000:47:12;00] >> jimmy: welcome back. that's ray parker, jr. sitting in with cleto and the cletones. musical guest tonight -- this is a new single called "go flex" -- post malone from the samsung
12:48 am
outdoor stage. tomorrow night, we are back in nba finals, with matthew mcconaughey, paul pierce and a special edition of lie witness news. and we have a new show after the game too, with anthony anderson and his mom, bill simmons, and the music of led zeppelin from train. please join us for that. 32 years ago today, our first guests joined forces to save the world from human sacrifice, mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together -- we owe them nothing short of our lives. please welcome the ogbs -- bill murray, dan aykroyd,
12:49 am
ernie hudson, and annie potts. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. wow. look at that action figure. let's see if he does what he needs to do. >> guillermo: you. >> jimmy: ouch? maybe sideways. maybe sideways. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> jimmy: i'm almost certain
12:50 am
this is illegal. >> are you illegal? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: you can't hurt him. you can smack him as hard as you want. it's okay. who came up with the state puff marshmallow man? >> that guy. >> you know, i was just looking at some from my childhood that was innocent in a movie, and it was an innocent kind of thing. we used to have the puffed marshmallow man that was a cop. in the movie when my friends designed the stay puff in the him wh film when we brought the script, there was a great line. he looked at him and said, he's a sailor. and it was so funny when john came up with the first drawings, i said marry the marshmallow man and -- i opened this fedex and he's a sailor. what do you mean he's a sailor? and in the movie, the improvised
12:51 am
ne my friend john and michael -- >> jimmy: it is a classic. as i recall it was something to the effect of he's a sailor. he's in new york. we'll get him laid. it's all right. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what is the line people bring upmost to each of you that they say most frequently. >> i think the thing i hear most is what i'm hearing from annie potts right now which is get this guy off of me. i have a nice pair of pants on. >> jimmy: i think you can roll him. i think that's the best way to do it. >> or pass him back. pass him back. >> jimmy: oh, my god. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well worth every one
12:52 am
of the $7500 was it fun shooting the movie on the streets of new york in the city with everybody there before there were cameras and all that kind of thing? >> yeah. stealing was fun. when we first went out, i said ivan, we don't have permits or anything. we don't need them. go six blocks and walk back. we stole shots all over 5th avenue and in the jump suits and out with the packs. >> he's just talking about stealing shots in the movie. we stole. [ laughter ] we had these uniforms on with electronic things and wands and guns. we were walking into stores on 57th street and saying we're going to have to look at some of this stuff. [ laughter ] >> and just walking out. it was crazy. >> jimmy: and you got away with it. >> and with that car, every person in here tonight at home
12:53 am
in this audience watching around the world, our armed forces network, sho that. you never ever have to stop for a red light. >> jimmy: i'm sure you guys know, i'm sure you hear about "ghost busters" every day, i would assume from people? what do you hear about more, "designing women" or "ghost busters," annie? >> um -- >> jimmy: it's a mix? >> it's a mix, but the "ghost busters" fans if i'm doing a play in new york, there's always people waiting out there. some of them are dressed up like go coa ghost busters. >> jimmy: some of them are in our audience. >> yeah, you guys. [ applause ] >> and i bet some of them have their own cars made up, the family station wagon.
12:54 am
my friend peter moezen, the king of the "ghost busters" his family impal la set up like a "ghost busters" car. >> jimmy: when i was in high school, my friend did hid cdid s car. he was a real nerd. he got no sex at all. >> hey, that's a lesson, young fella. that's a lesson. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i'm sure you guys -- we have some fans. i don't know if you've ever experienced this kind of thing. put them up on the wall for a moment. when we come back, each of the people you see on this screen has an elaborate "ghost busters" tattoo on their bodies. and we'll examine them when we return. "ghost busters" is the movie coming out july 15th. we'll be right back. if you think you've seen it all, ...well do i have a surprise for you.
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and we won't stop!
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>> jimmy: the new movie comes out -- you all saw the movie last night? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you're really happy? >> first of all, these women performers, they're -- >> jimmy: they're great. they're all great. they really are. >> and by the way, all the guys in the movie are just fine too. there's men and women in the movie. the third act is the manifestation in the third act is outstanding. i was -- >> jimmy: people love this movie and so they're concerned even around our office, they're like what is it going to be? is it going to somehow elevate my childhood or destroy it? you never know. ernie, you've seen people with tattoos, "ghost busters" tattoos. >> wait a second. let's not rush by that. >> jimmy: what? >> there are both men and women in this film. [ applause ] >> and speaking as a man that has dressed as a woman, i
1:02 am
couldn't be happier. [ these girls did a really good job. i can call them girls, because i am a boy. [ laughter ] >> you're happy? >> i love the movie. the girls are amazing and funny. speaking of tattoos, i went to buy a car, and the salesman said there's a guy who is a big fan of yours. he has a tattoo of you. i said of me, he said yeah. he calls in this guy who is a mechanic. from his ankle to his knee was my face. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. life size. >> and so i was his favorite ghost buster. >> he chose the best looking one. >> so i've seen tattoos. >> jimmy: you're about to see


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